Aloha Mai Kākou


HSAC – The Hawai’i State Association of Counties , counties of Hawai`i, Maui, City & County of Honolulu and Kaua`i, is a government sector lobbying association. Membership consists of the legislative bodies and mayors of each county.  It is the Hawai`i chapter of the National Association of Counties.

As stated in HSAC’s Bylaws, the purpose of the organization shall be coordination of county programs in the best interest of the people of the State of Hawai`i through cooperation of the legislative bodies of the several counties of the State; the creation of more practical and efficient county legislation, administration and procedures; the provision of a single source of information in regard to all counties which shall be available to the Governor, the Legislature and to all proper persons and officials and a general improvement in the conduct of county government.

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